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This site is made with the blessing of the Dean of St. Nicholas Brotherly Church,         town Brest,  Archpriest   Piotr Romanovich.

Sunday School, Attached to the St. Nicholas Church.

Древне-церковно-славянский языкikona  The Sunday School is a very old appearance. Its roots are taken as the basis of the whole pre-revolutionary education that is the parish school. The parish school gave the primary education to many outstanding people of Belarus, Russia and Ukraine. And it is clear why – because it was almost the only place where the primary education – reading, writing, arithmetic and the principles of history, and the mostly main thing for us – the principles of God’s Law – each child could practically get, irrespective of his or her social state or material well-being. In contrast to the parish school, at the Sunday School we are to teach contemporary children the principles of the ecclesiastical literacy. The modern children get their education at a very high level at the state schools, but at the same time their ecclesiastical and moral development for reasons that have taken place in our country during recent years leaves much to be desired. The modern education looks like a well known episode from H.-C. Andersen’s tale “The Queen of the Snow” when a boy named Kie tries to make assemble from the fragments of the gigantic mirror the word “eternity”. The same happens to our children when learning different subjects they don’t get the principal knowledge – the knowledge about the Author who has founded all those subjects, who stands behind all words laws, who has created history and geography. Our children learn an art of life in the dark by works withoutgettingIMG_1063m priceless news about their Author. The Sunday School should be aninvaluable well of the God’s knowledge that would make soil of plenty of the child’s soul wet and fertilize, would dot one’s “i’s” and cross one’s “t’s” and help children to find the moral bar that would never let them lose their right way. Just because of this, the Sunday School must be attached to each church.

aFrom the very moment of the revival of the St. Nicholas Church the Sunday School has been working here. First the lessons took places at the Church, where the children were sitting on the ordinary church benches trying to listen to the teachers and to write after them at the same time. The first educational program was the three-year one, and consisted of the study of the God’s Law and the principles of the Orthodox life. The school process became complicated by absence of the study rooms for children and by impossibility for the teachers to applying widely their pedagogical experiences. As a result of the application of the dean archpriest Michael Satsiuk and the assistance of the town authorities it was resolved, “Allot the ground attached to the Church territory for the construction of the building of the Sunday School”. After the tragic death of parson Michael, his affair has been finished by the present Dean of the parish, archpriest Piotr Romanovich. The Sunday School proper was built in the same style that St. Nicholas Church and both present the integral architectural ensemble.

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The classes were sanctified on 19th December, 2000, by high-Right Reverend Filaret, Minsk and Slutsk Metropolitan, Patriarch’s Egzarch of the Whole Belarus. At the present moment the pedagogical council of the School has taken broadened five-year program of the education. Besides the required subjects the children are proposed the lessons in fine arts, embroidery, church singing and learning the Church Slavonic language, a big role in spiritual development of the pupils play participation in the worships and pilgrimage over the saint places. Admittance of the children to the Sunday School in realized by the application written by one of the parents in the name of the parson Dean and preliminary conversation with the teacher.

There is also adult group, where there are people at the age from 30 to 60. Very often the topics of the lessons are hold not as class lessons but in an interesting form of questions and replies. The teacher in this group is a priest Valeriy Gritsuk.


In nowadays (2007-208) there are more than 500 pupils at Sunday school.

We are glad to see You and Your children!

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The Sunday School attached to St. Nicholas Churchdeclares admission of the pupils for

school year 2008 – 2009.

During the education the following subjects are to be learned:

                                                                        -  God’s Law;

                                                                        -  Fine arts;

                                                                        -  Embroidery;

                                                                        - Church singing.

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