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This site is made with the blessing of the Dean of St. Nicholas Brotherly Church,         town Brest,  Archpriest   Piotr Romanovich.

Some of the Pictures of Our Church:

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Никольский храм 009 m
Никольский храм 007 m
PDVD_014 m
Никольский храм 005 m
Церковь Сов. 05 m Церковь Сов. 08 m
PDVD_025 m
IMG_8602 m
IMG_8601 m
IMG_8699 m IMG_8576 m
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IMG_8604 m IMG_8692 m
IMG_8589 m IMG_8617 m
IMG_8620 m IMG_8626 m
IMG_8627 m IMG_8628 m
IMG_8635 m IMG_8647 m
IMG_8639 m IMG_8640 m
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Let’s agree, that this beauty is worth to be seenby one’s own eyes!

Come and admire our common Church!

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