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This site is made with the blessing of the Dean of St. Nicholas Brotherly Church,         town Brest,  Archpriest   Piotr Romanovich.

The Information for Contacts


The doors of our Church are opened: zap kn

Working days 7.30 a.m. – 7.00 p.m.

Week ends  7.00 a.m. – 7.00 p.m.

                Holidays – according to special schedule.

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   Placeholder  Image  Pravoslavnaja Belarus

Mail address:

Sovietskaya str. 10   Brest 224005   Republic of Belarus

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  E-mail: stnikolas@brest.by

Write to us and we’ll be pleased to answer all your questions!

email[1]Editor-in-chief of thesite:

Pavel Pietrovich Romanovich  pavel.rom@mail.ru

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Placeholder  ImageOur site is at the server :



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We are situated at a distance of 1500 m from the railway station and 100 m from the town bus station.

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fax sharPlaceholder  ImageOur telephones:

Теl.: (+375162) 232-355 Fax.: (+375162) 232-354

gsmDean: Archpriest Piotr Romanovich - тел.(0162) 23-23-54

Church shop: тел.(0162) 23-23-55

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zapisGiving pecuniary aid You help not only the Church, it’s the help to all parishioners, pupils of the Sunday school and those who study at the different circles and sections…

The account for donations: No 3015400110014 at the branch No. 801 ASB Belarusbank t. Brest, code 246

Registration number of a tax-payer 200257980

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By clicking this reference You may pass to the page with the town maps and pictures made from satellite.

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