The Church and Its Parishioners

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This site is made with the blessing of the Dean of St. Nicholas Brotherly Church,         town Brest,  Archpriest   Piotr Romanovich.

The Everyday Life of the Parish

PEOPLE always have been the greatest value of our Church! The Church built according to God’s will helps to survive in the hardest times and to overcome all the troubles of the life sea. Thanks to the prayer connection of many generations the force of the modern prayer has been significantly intensified. It has been strengthened by a great number of deep prayed icons that have been given to the Church by parishioners. That’s why the parishioners love their Church so much, as it has been warming so with the prayer as with brothers’ relations among people. Our Church is always with us from our birth to our departure to the other world, it is with us in joy and in trouble!

Peace to You, dear PARISHIONERS of the St. Nicholas Brotherly Church!

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I saw my Church for the first time at just a few weeks of age. Here I was baptized. My father (a stoker of steam locomotive) almost was given the sack for that crime. When I was teenager it was too difficult to assist the service. At school it was strictly forbidden even to approximate to the churches, and on holidays the teachers were on duty at the church entrances in order not to allow children to appear there. Then our Church was forced to turn into archives. But anyway every time the small crosses had been appearing on the walls from under the plaster.  The Church had been remaining as the Church in spite of the cut crosses and absence of the public worships. We have been believing in the Church’s revival because it cannot be destroyed as our faith can’t be destroyed either! The truth always triumphs! And it has happened so that thanks God’s will and our love the Church has been revived! And it is wanted to believe that it has been revived for any centuries!

Viktor K.

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We, the parishioners of the St. Nicholas Brotherly Church, brothers and sisters in Jesus, we are always glad to meet each other so during worships as during interviews when having tea and pilgrimage! And it’s not strange that many parishioners left in the Church or at the Church for a long time after the worships. The Church gives the people the grace strength that helps in overcoming the troubles of the life. Here one may always have a talk to the parson and find advice and assistance. We feel ourselves well here!                                              Valentina B.

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When for the first time I stepped deliberately over the threshold of the St. Nicholas Church I was expecting to meet here the strict and severe gazes, but I’ve met kind, native and understanding looks. Every time during worships I meet the same people: they are stepping over the threshold of our Church with trepidation. But coming here over and over again the trepidation doesn’t disappear! Having come to the Church, I’ve found a big family where my faults could be pointed out without reproaches or blames, where my successes would be sincerely gladden, where with pure love I would be blessed for good affairs, where there is neither flattery nor lie or harm.

When one is standing before the icon of St. Nicholas, having tears in one’s eyes, one can be sure that St. Nicholas hears one’s prayers, that here, in this Church, one is placid, and that having addressed to St. Nicholas once, one has got Defender and Patron, the Greatest Prayer-Man in front of God, and since now one has somebody Whom can appeal to when needs a help.

The doors of our Church are opened for everyone who comes here, but for real understanding of the whole joy that one gets when praying, it’s necessary to open one’s heart.

I wish You God’s help in all Your good intentions, dear brothers andsisters.

  Ludmila B.

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