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This site is made with the blessing of the Dean of St. Nicholas Brotherly Church,         town Brest,  Archpriest   Piotr Romanovich.

Nun hood

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The main purpose of the sisterhood is the ecclesiastical enlightenment of the people through charity, conversations, sermons, sacred literature and mass media. It is a sacred assistance, consolation of sufferers, preparing of the latter for accepting of the Saint Sacraments, anti-sectarian teaching, struggling against abortions, drug addiction and hard drinking.

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Orthodox nursery has a name of Nicholas the Consecrator,

archbishop of MirLikiya the Miracle-Man.

The nurserys confessor is priest Piotr Mirochnik

The senior nurse is Leontieva Tamara Michaelovna

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        The nursery has been realizing its activities since October, 2001, in two directions:


1. The work at the Regional Oncologic Clinic and Public Health Institution Brest Town Hospital. sestr 4m

2.  The work for the carriage invalids.


1. The visiting of the patients in hospital by the nurses has the way of the intercourse with the purpose of relieving of the emotional state of the formers, preparing them for the Sacraments of the Confession and Eucharist, and in case of need writing the notes for public prayer, bringing appropriate sacred literature, answer the questions appeared, buy medicine, call home, etc.

The Regional Oncologic Clinic.

In addition to the visiting of the patients in wards, the nurses perform services at Nicholas the Consecrators Chapel that is situated on the ground floor at the Oncologic Clinic. At the Chapel with blessing of the confessor the nurses read Acathistus.

sester_3_The reading of the Acathistus takes place at 5.00 P.M. four times a week. After the reading a nurse spreads saint oil on patients, gives them communion bread, saint water. Also the ecclesiastical discussions are hold and the literature is given (there is a small library at the Chapel). Once a week on Thursdays the priest Piotr (the confessor of the nursery) makes worship. This day the patients confess and receive communion. Those who are seriously ill and the post-operated patients who cant come to the Chapel are confessed and given communion by parson Piotr in their wards. The information concerned ill persons, is prepared by nurses the day before. After the confession and the communion the priest serves water-consecrated public worship for the health of all those who are ill at the clinic (the notes for the public worship the nurses also prepare the day before by visiting the ill people in the wards). At the Chapel or in the wards of those who are seriously ill at their requests parson Piotr makes extreme unction and christening.  Every Thursday at the Chapel (and in the wards) 25-30 persons are confessed and given communion. During the fastings and especially the Lent and Christmas fasting, there are more those who confess up to 50 persons (and there are more than 150 persons in Clinic).During the period from October, 2001, t0 February, 2008, in the Clinic 53 persons were baptized. There are some stable traditions in the Oncologic Clinic: on holidays (the Great Easter and Christmas) nurses come to the Clinic with small gifts, walk over all wards greeting each patient. At the Epiphany parson Piotr together with the senior nurse also greets each patient, sprinkling with Saint Epiphany Water the wards, medical rooms and patients.


 Brest Town Hospital: sestr3m

In the Institution of Public Health Brest Town Hospital 5 times a week (except for holidays) St. Pantheleimon the Great Martyr and Healer Chapel works. At the Chapel there are hold conversations, there are shown Orthodox video films, there are listened to the psalms (audio/tape reels), sermons and other ecclesiastical admonitions.

 On Tuesdays the priest Aleksandr Gurpa, the cleric of St. Nicholas Brotherly Church performs Sacraments and Occasional Religious Rites.

During all twelve and Great Holidays the public prayers are performed. At Christmas the childrens choir is invited, and it sings Christmas cards for the medical personnel and patients.


2.  The work for the carriage invalids has ecclesiastical-enlightener character (also it may be social if necessary): nurses prepare their wards for Confession and Eucharist, invite parsons from St. Nicholas Church or other churches that are situated close to the living places of the invalids.

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DSC00317mBesides the main activities in these two directions the nursery realizes assistance as far as it is required:

-   gathering the donations (cloth, footwear, bedclothes, etc.) for the needy poor families;

-  taking care of the large family (mother after oncologic operation) in the village Bolshiye Yakovchitsy (food stuffs, cloth, kitchen and bed accessories, repairing materials, materials for school equipment, etc.);

-        connection with the family where mother is an ex-prisoner is not broken, too (there has been rendered assistance in looking for job, apartment; has been given help in cloth, in articles for apartment, some pecuniary aid, birthday greetings for children, christening of the girl, etc.);

-  looking for nurses for bed-patients;

- helping with products and cloth for homeless people, and others.


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Today there are 18 nurses at the nursery at the age from 35 to 65 and practically all of them have high education. 




Of course, now the nursery has many problems yet, but it has everything that is the most required for its purpose these are people, who dont see another sense of their lives than the service to their neighbours for Jesus love. These people are the best in our society. These people more and more realize their role in life, their destination that is not in a life of idleness, but in a help to the weaker!

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The life of every organism is in constant transformation. The nursery is a vivid organism that has absorbed the spiritual and physical attempts of those who help and those whom help to. And these interaction and unity in service give strength for the soul, for its liberation from the ties of senselessness, loneliness, selfishness, hearless, for the liberation of the soul from the ties of sin with the prayers of the Saints.


If You feel Yourself alone, if God has given You understanding of the necessity of helping those who are weaker than You join us! Together well feel easier ourselves!


You may oblige God in any mission if God requires service exactly in this walk of life given for You, and in nowadays when we have an impoverishment of love, deficiency of just Christian relation among the people, a woman like a Jesus preacher with no words but affairs may be demanded in full measure.
M. Kravtsova,  A womans solitude

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